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About Trident Crypto Fund

Trident Crypto Fund is a crypto investment index fund. Trident Investment strategy is based on well researched Index Strategy and invests exclusively into top 10 underlying crypto assets with the highest market capitalization. You can also check out the beste indeksfond guide for the best index fund and stock tips to perform stock trading.

Trident Investment strategy has been tested on historical data. With this strategy Trident index got more than 1400% returns in 2017 in comparison of bitcoin's return of near about 800%.

Detailed information on trident investment strategy can be found in our Methodology section.


150+ reasons to invest with us

When trading in a financial market, it's critical to stick to trading strategies. Each strategy will be distinct, and it will be based on market expectations. There are several trading strategies available, such as Trend trading, Swing trading, Day trading and the technical analysis for each vary, posing a great challenge for traders. It's a good idea to understand each trading strategy or use one of the crypto market's automated trading softwares. Trading apps that are automated make all of their decisions without relying on the trader. These apps have proven to be popular in the crypto market, and apps like Bitcoin Revolution allow users to create a free demo account, which can be used to execute a bitcoin revolution test to assess the platform's performance. Trident has come up with best trading strategies and We have applied more than 150 trading strategies in last 2 years and finally we are achieving optimum results,

We are making maximum profit by applying several successfully tested strategies.

Trident Bonus And Referral Program

Trident brings to you the most promising referral program. If you are a trident investor, you can now get an attractive referral bonus by spreading the good news and bringing in new investors to our platform. Trident's compensation plan was designed with one thing in mind – your ultimate success.

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We are trusted

We are glad and inspired to be trusted and appriciated, We got lots of media coverage and listed in trusted ICO sites.

Our Core Advantages

Top Crypto Assets

The 10 best performing crypto assets are merged into a single coin. Trident coin represents an investor's share into the Trident Crypto Index Fund.

Tested Strategies

Trident Crypto Index Fund has spent two years researching on the most rewarding strategy. The methodology used in calculating the approach as illustrated herein is a representation of the reality in the market.


To ensure that only the most bullish crypto assets feature on the top 10 list, only the top 8 crypto assets are fixed on the Index, the other two are not fixed as the market capitalization figures are bound to change after the routine market analysis.

Blockchain Features

Trident Crypto Index Fund has developed security features for defence against cyber-attacks malicious network attack. Top-notch identity authentication and verification procedures are in place to facilitate secure transactions.


The Coin is based on the POS + POW platform. Thus, all the operations performed by Coins are recorded in the blockchain and are fully transparent, immutable and auditable ( insofar that a member of the public can review transaction history displayed on the blockchain.)

Strong Team

The Trident team has tirelessly dedicated their expertise in research, and concept development. It is evident that they will successfully oversee the conceptualization, growth, and development of this first of a kind Index Fund.

Our ICO Roadmap

Explore a timeline showing the development of the project and learn more about Trident's goals and vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Objectives of Trident coin?

Trident aims to solve one of the biggest problem in crypto currency industry – volatility, Trident Crypto Index Fund is stepping in and presenting a well-researched Index Strategy that invests exclusively in top 10 (Ten) underlying crypto assets with the highest market capitalization. As more investors seek to grow and invest their wealth in blockchains, Trident Crypto Index Fund service will be vital and needed. The Trident Crypto Coin Index is expected to perform better in the coming months and years.

What is pre-sale and Main-sale?

Often the ICO is offered in two rounds, Pre-Sale and Main-Sale where in pre-sale early investors are offered a better price than Main-sale investors. Trident has already started Pre-sale ICO on 1st of May and its scheduled to close on the 30th of October. Trident Main-sale will start on 1st of November.

How May I take part in Pre-Sale and what is a minimum investment?

To take a part in Pre-sale You have to sign up your account and then you can purchase TDC tokens, We have simple process step by step to buy TDC tokens. You can start with minimum amount $50 USD only.

What is TDC PHASE distribution?

The TDC token has 77 phase distribution process in Pre-Sale ICO, A total of Fifteen Million and four hundred thousand (15,400,000) TDC tokens will be distributed during that phase. Two hundred thousand (200,000) TDC tokens will be distributed during each phase. After completion of each phase TDC token price will increase and next phase price will be displayed.

What is TDC Redemption?

You can redeem your existing TDC tokens in Trident website, To know more about TDC tokens You can click here

How to redeem your TDC tokens?

At the time of purchasing a new package in ICO Pre-sale or crypto Index fund you can redeem your TDC tokens from available balance as per package. To know more about redemption process you can click here

What is Trident crypto Fund?

The Trident Index Fund holds the top 10 cryptocurrencies weighted by market cap and rebalances quarterly. Owning the TDC will give higher returns, lower volatility, and higher Sharpe Ratio than just owning Bitcoin. To know more about Trident crypto fund click here

How may I take a part in Trident Crypto Fund?

To take a part in Trident Crypto Fund you need to sign up and purchase crypto fund package in which you will get regular profit as per selected package.

What is Trident bounty program?

The Trident Bounty Program is designed to put the word out about Tridnet's values, goals, and progress. Trident offers great rewards and incentives. We welcome you to participate in this program in one or several category that are to your liking.

What is payment processor?

Trident accepts BITCOIN deposits only.

Our ICO Distribution

Token Allocation

More Token Info

Maximum TDC Supply 110,000,000
Pre-mined TDC 22,000,000 (20% of Max Supply)
TDC Algos (POS + POW)
TDC Main sale starts in November, 1st 2018
Project Evaluation

The project must have a clear solution to the existing problem and should create real value. It should have a very strong competitive advantage and needs to be easily scalable.

Team Evaluation

An awesome project without a solid team has no point of view. The team must have necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to operate and expand the business.


Continuous supervision of the project's goals realization. Following of engagement with the community. Close monitoring of HR fluctuations.